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Coconut French Toast - Pouring Syrup

Coconut Cream Pie French Toast

I recently had an inspired moment where I decided that I needed to make Coconut Cream Pie French Toast.  Mr. Fox, a lover of both Coconut Cream Pie and French Toast, agreed to make the hard sacrifice and be the test subject for the dish.  The dish was inspired by a picture of Banana Cream Pie French Toast that I …

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Cucumbers and Honey - Main

Cucumbers and Honey – My Summer Snack

OK.  I admit that this is not really a recipe, but most people have never heard of eating cucumbers and honey together.  Cucumbers and honey?  This is a very old school snack for me. My great grandmother would eat this and – I believe – introduced me to it.  Sliced cucumbers dipped in honey is …

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